“Working at the Globe Theatre we see a lot of unexpected things—but Mat LaVore is REALLY AMAZING!“

~Shakespeare Globe Theatre of London

“Mat LaVore is an EXTREMELY SKILLED magician. His performance is one that rivals performers you have seen in hotel entertainment in LAS VEGAS and on TELEVISION. The guests at the party were both AMAZED and ENTERTAINED by his magic. The magic he performed created lots of WONDER and generated conversation amongst the guests. We would definitely use Mat LaVore again!”

~Bank United

“Mat was HIGHLY ENTERTAINING and captivated the attention of all our guests. Days after our Holiday party everyone wasstill talking. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mat to anyone who is having a party!”

~Home Depot

“We LOVED having Mat LaVore at our event! How does he do the stuff he does? It’s unreal. MINDS were definitely BLOWN! We hope to have him back soon for another event! He was AWESOME!”

~Frontier Capital

“Mat’s show was FANTASTIC! Even shows in LAS VEGAS absolutely couldn’t hold a candle to his show. Everybody had a GREAT TIME and saw things we never thought we’d see. The best program we’ve had in our 15 years. Even though we normally don’t repeat our entertainment, people said it would be worth having Mat back again to see him twice a year. He was INCREDIBLE!”

~College Store Association of North Carolina

“It was just what the doctor ordered! A dose of crowd interaction, a bunch of MIND BENDING ILLUSIONS, and a whole lot of GREAT MEMORIES that can be shared by all of our members for  years to come. We have received so MANY GREAT COMMENTSa bout the evening, that we are going to have a real hard time beating it next year. So we may have to have you  just come back next year. Thank you again for performing at our 2013 Annual Spring Meeting. All out attendees were RAVING about your performance, and everyone had a great time. We are all still ‘ASTONISHED,’ and that is a great thing!”

~West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association

“Mat is very PROFESSIONAL and has a really neat approach with his talent! He’s great at interacting with people, and will no doubt leave EVERYONE IN AWE! His performance is UNIQUE and ENGAGES the entire audience. Mat is VERY SKILLED and weHIGHLY RECOMMEND him for any event!”

~Wofford College

“This guy is good–seriously good. Can’t imagine it can get any better. Great mix of magic, mentalism, and hypnosis. We’llREMEMBER this for a LONG TIME to come. By the way, are you available for our holiday party next year?”

~Hager Worldwide

“My image of magic was shattered the evening Mat entertained our clients! The things he performed were on par with the BESTmagic you’ve EVER SEEN on TELEVISION. But it was even better because we were all seeing it LIVE and in person! The show he performed was CLEAN and PROFESSIONAL and kept everyone in the room COMPLETELY CAPTIVATED and in AWE the entire time. I swear he can really read and control people’s minds! Both his stage show and the things he did close-up afterwards were justINCREDIBLE. All my clients were AMAZED and totally LOVED Mat. By far the BEST magician and hypnotist I’ve ever seen. Mat truly made our event the BEST one ever!”

~Habitat for Humanity

“That was REALLY some AMAZING stuff. You were a huge part of making our Mat-cardsevent theSUCCESS it was. There’s nothing like seeing the things you did in person. You really made the event a hit for everyone. We all LOVED it! Everyone was ENGAGED, AMAZED, and talking about you all night!”

~Gartner, Inc.

“Mat was the hit of our event. The magic and hypnosis he did was just MIND BLOWING! I’ve seen magic on TV before, but this was even better because it was all happening right before our eyes. Nobody could believe the things they were seeing–it was INCREDIBLE! He made our event something to really remember for everyone. We’re still talking about it! If you want the BEST, Mat is your guy!”

~Clear Concepts, Inc.

“Keeping a large group of High School Seniors entertained during an all-night lock-in party is a challenge — I’m so glad we had Mat! His SKILLS and TALENT made Project Graduation aFUN and MEMORABLE night. The students LOVED his work, and they talked about his showall night! Thank you, Mat, for doing a great job at our event!”

~G-Star School of Film and Television

“If you are looking for entertainment that keeps a crowd’s interest, Mat LaVore will fill the bill. Whether the guests are 8 or 80, Mat is able to pull a look of AMAZEMENT out of each of them. The feedback from our guests has always been positive, and evenHEARTWARMING. Thanks, Mat, for a job well done!”

~No Frills Grill

“You were the hit of the party! EVERYONE was talking about how amazing you were. You totally lived up to all of it. You killed it. Amazing in every way. We’re so glad we hired you!”

~Global Trend Events

“Mat is a master magician and entertainer. He MESMERIZED the crowd and was the hit of the party. He worked the crowd in a low key, friendly manner that enhanced rather than dominated the party–it was perfect. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mat for any event!”

~Palm Beach Business Consultants, Inc.

“Without question, your AMAZING magic helped make our event a SUCCESS! Thank you so much!”

~Rotary Club of Wellington

“Mat was AMAZING! He was ENGAGING, PERSONABLE, and PROFESSIONAL, and had EVERYONE’S MIND BLOWN the whole night. His magic is TOP NOTCH–unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I can’t recommend him enough! AMAZING!”

~Imperial Services Of The Palm Beaches

“Mat did a GREAT show. He got the crowd REALLY excited––a full auditorium. If you really want to have a good time, and have someone that will REALLY blow your mind, have Mat LaVore come out to your University. ”

~Johnson C. Smith University

“The strolling entertainment won everyone over, and the stage show was a TOTAL BLAST! People are continuing to talk about Mat! Worth every penny! We will definitely find a reason to hire Mat again.”

~Kraiburg TPE

“The students can’t stop talking about the show–they can’t believe what they saw. And our principal LOVED the show. We definitely want to have you back again next year.”

~Olympic Heights High School

“Mat put on a show better than anything you’re going to see in Las Vegas. We’re going to be talking about this event for a very long time. If that wasn’t REAL MAGIC we just saw then we don’t know what it was. AMAZING!“

~VR Distributions

“Everyone really enjoyed Mat’s magic and PROFESSIONALISM. We definitely won’t hesitate to reach out to him for all our future events!”

~Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte

“Your magic is the BEST I’VE EVER SEEN. You truly helped to make the day SUCCESSFUL.”

~James Rivera Muscular Dystrophy Fund

“Thanks for bringing your magic to The Melting Pot. It’s so nice having a performer we can TRUST to do a GREAT JOB for our guests. At the end of the night everyone was still wondering ‘How’d he do that? What happened to that quarter?’ Can’t wait to have you back again!”

~The Melting Pot

“Mat LaVore put on an AMAZING show for our company. It was ENTERTAINING and ASTONISHING, and we would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND using him for your corporate event!”

~Lastar Inc.

“That was FANTASTIC! Everyone LOVED it! Thank you so much!”


“If anyone needs an entertainer, be sure to book Mat (if he’s available!). His performance was the most AMAZING thing we had ever seen. Everyone’s MIND is still BLOWN! Thanks for performing at our corporate event!”

~Spectrum Brands

“Everyone said their FAVORITE part of our event was MAT! We won’t even look for anybody else to entertain our guests at our events.”

~Crown Castle International

“Mat had us all MESMERIZED and JAW-DROPPED as we saw magic performed in front of our own eyes. His magic is fresh and was customized to each person he performed for. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mat LaVore to be hired for any party or event. He will bring the event to a whole new level!”

~Grand Realty of America

“Mat was PHENOMENAL! Astonishment is Mat’s middle name. We were all astonished beyond belief. The best part was seeing friends and co-workers flabbergasted. Don’t hesitate! Email, pick up the phone–Mat is always there to help you out with your event. It was the BEST OF ALL TIME. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “


“Mat is one of the BEST performers we have seen here at Berewick. He has a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE show that involved andAMAZED THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE. You can tell he is very PASSIONATE about what he does, and has the TALENT and SKILL to back up that passion. The guests all LOVED him and I have no doubt he will be back to AMAZE for us once again.”


“Incredible and MIND BLOWING. You have to see it for yourself! We HIGHLY recommend hiring Mat LaVore for your corporate event. He has a great personality, and the show is clean and safe for any environment We can’t figure out one thing he did! HIGHLY recommend him! DEFINITELY have him at your next event!”

~Salvin Dental Specialties

“By the end we were all COMPLETELY ASTONISHED, and speechless. We have no words to explain what Mat LaVore did; it wasAMAZING. And he did so many different things–that’s what BLEW US ALL AWAY! If it was just one of those things in a show, it would have been a great show. But there were several things you did that were just UNBELIEVABLE. Mat is a REAL LIFE MAGICIAN! How is possible you are a real life magician?! AMAZING!“